About Alyssa

Alyssa Cypher (they/them) is a radical mental health community organizer, activist, and consultant. They are also an artist, focusing on poetry, collage, and cross-stitch as mediums to express madness and neurodiversity.

They are the founder of Inside Our Minds, a mutual aid collective that provides subsidized, community-based radical mental health programming to the Pittsburgh area. They are also a facilitator for Rainbow Writers, a writing group for LGBTQ2IA+ teens via Write Pittsburgh.

[Image of Alyssa, a white, non-binary person with red hair that is shaved to a fade on the sides and several inches long on top. They are smiling and wearing an orange suit with a white undershirt.]

Alyssa in an orange suit with a white undershirt and white shoes. They are smiling.

Radical Mental Health & Madness in Pittsburgh

Two people and a dog walk inside a salt storage tunnel
I haven’t published any new poetry in a while, so I’m excited to share “We live off the last stop of the T,” recently published in Sledgehammer Lit: https://www.sledgehammerlit.com/post/we-live-off-the-last-stop-of-the-t-by-lyss-cypher. I wrote this poem around two years ago, and I believe it originated during one of our […]
Rainbow Writers and Write Pittsburgh logo
Rainbow Writers, an intentional writing space for LGBTQ2IA+ teens (ages 13-18), will be returning this fall! Join us Mondays from 6-7pm via Zoom starting September 13th. Workshops are free and are operated on a drop-in basis (so don’t worry if you need to miss some). The […]
Collage by Alyssa
I haven’t been having an easy time making art during the pandemic, but lately I have been working on a series of self-portraits, using photography and hand-cut collage. Featured below are my portraits from May and July 2021. These are portraits I took inside my house, […]