About Lyss

Alyssa “Lyss” Cypher (they/them) is a an educator, consultant, and coach in radical mental health and disability justice, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with virtual offerings.

They are also a writer and artist, focusing on self-expressions of trauma, madness, and neurodiversity through the arts and somatics. Their work centers agency over our own narratives and stories, through the mediums of poetry, hand-cut collage, movement, and cross-stitch.

Lyss currently serves as the Director of Liberatory Education at Write Pittsburgh and works as a Tech Support Lead / Disability Justice Educator + Coach at PeoplesHub.

[ID: Collage portrait of Lyss, a white, non-binary person with red hair that is shaved to a skin fade on the sides and several inches long on top.]

Radical Mental Health & Madness in Pittsburgh

This summer I will be involved in two virtual summer camps for teens through Write Pittsburgh. These camps are free and open to teens age 13-18. July 11-15 – Personal Narratives: Autonomy + Activism (M,W,F 11am-1pm via Zoom)       During this three-day camp, we […]
Lyss in a dark room, partially illuminated by streetlight. They are in a slight backbend, dancing.
Join me for monthly, hour-long intuitive movement classes that focus on body movements for our own sensory pleasure. The virtual classes will feature a guided warmup, open movement time with body-oriented prompts, and a processing cooldown. Show up as you are, move as little or as […]
A child sits on a sled and points at the moon in the night sky. Text reads "Tupelo Honey Teas. Hygge New Year. Saturday, January 8"
I will be offering a virtual workshop on intuitive movement as part of Tupelo Honey Tea and Write Pittsburgh’s Hygge New Year event on Saturday, January 8th. My workshop will begin at 1:15pm and run for one hour. The Hygge event overall runs from 10am – […]