I am now officially a published poet! “Birds Don’t Visit Anymore” was accepted to publication in Issue 3 of Pittsburgh Poetry Journal. I am so excited and honored that PPJ chose my poem, especially since I am a (formerly) unpublished poet without an MFA or technical training. So much thanks to everyone who helped me edit this work, especially everyone at the Madwomen in the Attic classes at Carlow University (my teacher, Jan Beatty, and my mentor, Valerie Bacharach).

“Birds Don’t Visit Anymore” zooms in on the effects of gentrification in one yard, taking place in Lawrenceville (a neighborhood in Pittsburgh). It’s definitely a departure from the majority of my work, but there are still some mental health elements in this piece.

Read the poem here: http://pittsburghpoetryjournal.com/issue3/3_cypher_1.html


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