Collage by Alyssa

I haven’t been having an easy time making art during the pandemic, but lately I have been working on a series of self-portraits, using photography and hand-cut collage. Featured below are my portraits from May and July 2021. These are portraits I took inside my house, which I then printed, layered, and razored for effect.

ID: Hand cut collage, featuring a headshot of Alyssa. There are an unknown amount of portraits printed and layered on top of each other, some black and white, some red tinted, and some natural. The images are cut with a razor blade to expose different colors underneath. The mood of the collage is aggressive, with cuts over the face and background. Some cuts are removed cleanly, while some are ragged and falling off. Pieces of the collage are sticking out, creating a 3D effect around the face.
May 2021
ID: Self-portrait of an unknown silhouette, centered, shadow-like and filled with vascular tree branches. The background is hues of pink, red, orange, and cream. The background features layers of paper that make the collage look like it's moving. The style is jagged and raw.
July 2021


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