Two people and a dog walk inside a salt storage tunnel

I haven’t published any new poetry in a while, so I’m excited to share “We live off the last stop of the T,” recently published in Sledgehammer Lit:

I wrote this poem around two years ago, and I believe it originated during one of our Rainbow Writers freewrite sessions. I always try to write alongside my students, and sometimes I even get a good draft to work from. As far as my motivation for this poem, I wanted to spend time exploring my childhood without an explicit trauma lens. Thinking through all the details of my favorite memories, sensory elements in a very place-based writing exercise – even visiting my old neighborhood for a quick memory refresher (pictures below). It was difficult, but warming to write this poem. Enjoy. 🙂

ID: A small crick running through a forested area.
ID: Graffiti on the inside of a salt storage tunnel.


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