A child sits on a sled and points at the moon in the night sky. Text reads "Tupelo Honey Teas. Hygge New Year. Saturday, January 8"

I will be offering a virtual workshop on intuitive movement as part of Tupelo Honey Tea and Write Pittsburgh’s Hygge New Year event on Saturday, January 8th. My workshop will begin at 1:15pm and run for one hour. The Hygge event overall runs from 10am – 4pm EST and will feature a number of virtual workshops (which can be registered for separately or packaged) and a lunch option.

Workshop Description: Join Alyssa for an intuitive movement class that focuses on body movements for our own sensory pleasure. The class will feature a guided warmup, open movement time with body-oriented prompts, and a processing cooldown. Show up as you are, move as little or as much as you want, with your camera on or off.

What You’ll Need: A space for movement (floor space, a yoga mat, a chair, your bed, anywhere you feel comfortable and supported to move within your ability), comfortable clothes, and optionally, a notebook to take notes on your observations and reactions.

Eventbrite registration for the entire event ($65, includes lunch): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hygge-new-year-with-tupelo-honey-teas-tickets-233495389997

Eventbrite registration for my workshop only ($10): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hygge-new-year-movement-tickets-234862779897


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