Lyss in a dark room, partially illuminated by streetlight. They are in a slight backbend, dancing.

Join me for monthly, hour-long intuitive movement classes that focus on body movements for our own sensory pleasure. The virtual classes will feature a guided warmup, open movement time with body-oriented prompts, and a processing cooldown. Show up as you are, move as little or as much as you want, with your camera on or off. All movement is valid – standing, from a seated position, reclined or from bed; stimming, twirling, dancing, head bobbing – whatever is affirming to you that day.

Upcoming Dates: Sunday, February 6th, 1:30-2:30pm EST

Class is donation-based, $0-10 suggested. Feel free to use the $0 option if you could benefit from this class, but do not currently have the financial capacity to cover your cost; please consider making a donation if you have the means.

What You’ll Need: a space for movement (floor space, a yoga mat, a chair, your bed, anywhere you feel comfortable and supported to move within your ability), comfortable clothes, and optionally, a notebook to take notes on your observations and reactions.



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