This summer I will be involved in two virtual summer camps for teens through Write Pittsburgh. These camps are free and open to teens age 13-18.

July 11-15 – Personal Narratives: Autonomy + Activism (M,W,F 11am-1pm via Zoom)

      During this three-day camp, we will focus on using the power of personal narratives
      (through writing and visual art) to explore our identities both internally and through
      a social justice lens. Prompts will be given, but participants will get to choose their
      artistic focus and medium and will be able to share their work with others.

July 25-Aug 5 – Sibs Write: A Creative Writing Camp by and for Teens who have Siblings with Disabilities (M-Th 10am-1pm via Zoom)

      Are you a teen whose sibling has a disability? Then this camp is for you! Join us as we
      write, play, and create community in a two-week virtual summer camp created by and for
      teen sibs. You’ll get a chance to meet and talk with other sibs, read and write together,
      and learn new creative skills like zine-making, blackout poetry, and blended collage.
      This entire camp was conceived of and created by a Write Pittsburgh Teen Intern!

There are also camps I will not be involved in but are highly recommended, “Poetry, Poetry, Poetry!” and “Monsters of the Mon.”

Learn More + Apply:


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