Speaking Engagements

I am available for presentations and keynote speaker positions on radical mental health for youth, teen, and young adult audiences, as well as adult-oriented presentations in conference or workplace settings. I am also happy to do roundtable or panel discussions on similar topics. I have spoken at AlphaLab Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, and TEDxPittsburgh Women.

Here are some examples of presentations I can provide for your organization:

Introductory Presentations: What is Radical Mental Health? What is Mad Pride?

Mad-Inclusionary Mental Health: How Therapists Can Make Their Practices More Inclusive

Outside Mental Illness: Alternative Conceptualizations of Mental Health

Interactive Educational Workshops

I am available for one-time and recurring workshops on radical mental health for youth, teen, young adult, and adult audiences. Workshops are often an hour and a half or longer, with more opportunities for engagement, questions, and explorations on the subject matter.

Here are some examples of workshops I have done (but I am always open to collaborations):

Anonymous Open Mic: Building Community Narratives through Storytelling and Performance
Alternatives 2018 Conference in Washington, D.C.

Mental Health Cafe: An Interactive Mutual Aid Space

Radical Mental Health and Self-Expression

I am available as a radical mental health consultant for work with youth, teens, young adults, and adults - specifically around creative expression and mental health through movement and writing.

Recent Expressive Workshops

Rainbow Writers | Queers Write Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Summer Camp

Yin Yoga + Radical Mental Health

Radical Mental Health Consulting

I am available as a radical mental health consultant, focusing around the meaningful inclusion of people with lived experience of mental illness, madness, and other identities in mental health. Radical mental health is a dynamic and innovative term describing how individuals and groups are finding new ways to understand and conceptualize mental health. The movement supports more inclusive and diverse perspectives on mental health, prioritizing the voices of people with lived experience as educators and experts.

Note: I am not a therapist and cannot provide mental health treatment or therapy.

Some of my recent consultant positions include:

Qualitative Consultant
Supporting Our Valued Adolescents (SOVA) Research Study
UPMC Children's Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh | December 2017 - Current

Mental Health Specialist
Writing Away the Stigma Workshop, Creative Nonfiction | April - June 2018