Queers Write Pittsburgh

Upcoming Artist Performance Showcase
Date: Monday, July 1st
Time: Seating at 7:30pm, Readings start at 8:00pm
Location: White Whale Bookstore

Complicating the Queer-Trauma Narrative is a five-week workshop series for adult, queer writers who want to improve their writing and meet other queer writers in the Pittsburgh area. The workshops will focus on dissecting the role of trauma in the queer narrative. Such as, how do we preserve the humanity of the person while not ignoring the trauma most queer people face? How do we create narratives that are more than just a retelling of trauma? How do we celebrate being queer without ignoring its more complicated aspects?

The goals of the workshop will be to create a positive environment for writers to work on pieces, share their work with others, and receive feedback on their writing. The goal for this workshop is for participants to have a completed work in their chosen genre and style. The workshop series will end with a writers showcase for participants to perform a completed work in front of a live audience.

A huge thanks to the sponsors of this workshop:

  • WesBanco for providing funding for refreshments
  • The Beautiful Cadaver Project Pittsburgh for a scholarship donation
  • Azorean Cafe for creating delicious food and coffee