[ID: Image of a hand-cut collage, featuring a head-on portrait of Lyss, staring directly into the camera with a neutral expression. There are more than 30 portraits printed and layered on top of each other, some black and white, some red tinted, and some natural color. The images are cut with a razor blade to expose the layers of colors underneath. The mood of the collage is aggressive, with cuts over the face, neck, body, and background. Some cuts are removed cleanly, while some are ragged and falling off. Pieces of the collage are sticking out, creating a 3D effect around the face.]

Originally published on May 15, 2021 on Instagram (@poemsthatinjure), this piece was the first in my series of pandemic self-portraits. It was one of the first works I created that featured my now signature style of stacking printed self-portraits of different colors on top of each other, then razoring them for a 3D layering effect. I usually listen to a single song or album for inspiration while working on visual pieces, and this piece is highly indebted to “Faceshopping” by SOPHIE, both the song itself and the music video.

I still have this piece in my studio, and I’m currently trying to figure out the best method of preservation. Any ideas on preserving 3D paper collages, or things that have worked for you, hit me up in the comments!


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